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Submitting a pull request

  1. Make sure the Rush tool is installed, following the Building the projects instructions.

  2. Install dependencies for all projects in the monorepo:

    # Run this command in the folder where you cloned the TSDoc repo from GitHub
    $ rush install

    Note: After you run rush install, your repo will be in a “Rush-linked” state, with special symlinks in the node_modules folders. DO NOT run npm install in this state. If you want to go back to working in standalone mode, first run rush unlink && rush purge.

  3. Build and test all the projects in the monorepo:

    $ rush build

    You can also build just the @microsoft/tsdoc library like this:

    $ cd ./tsdoc
    $ npm run build
  4. Manual testing: Before submitting your PR, you should also try running the /api-demo and /playground projects to make sure they weren’t broken by your change.

  5. Change logs: If your PR modifies the published NPM package, you will need to write a change entry for our change log. Please read the “recommended practices” for authoring change logs.

    $ rush change
    # (The tool will ask you to write a sentence describing your change.)

    The rush change command will create a file under the common/changes folder. Add this file to Git and include in your pull request. Please see Everyday commands for more details about how these files are used.

Contributor Notice

This project welcomes contributions and suggestions. Most contributions require you to agree to a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) declaring that you have the right to, and actually do, grant us the rights to use your contribution. For details, visit

When you submit a pull request, a CLA-bot will automatically determine whether you need to provide a CLA and decorate the PR appropriately (e.g., label, comment). Simply follow the instructions provided by the bot. You will only need to do this once across all repos using our CLA.

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.