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Project roadmap

Already completed

These milestones were completed recently:

  • Write up all the interesting design questions as “RFC” GitHub issues to collect community feedback
  • Convert Microsoft’s API Extractor tool to use @microsoft/tsdoc (replacing its proprietary AEDoc engine); this demonstrates that TSDoc can meet the needs of a large production API docs website
  • Implement an ESLint plugin for validating TSDoc syntax
  • Introduce a tsdoc.json file format to enable custom tag definitions to be portable between tools
  • Launch a website providing more complete documentation (finally!)

What’s next

Contributor availability is difficult to predict, so we try not to make commitments about when (or whether) a particular feature will get implemented. That said, here’s some feature areas seen as the main priorities for future investments:

  • Collect all the design specifications from the GitHub “RFC” issues and document them on the website
  • Finish integrating the new declaration reference syntax and deprecate the old syntax
  • Expand the parser to support a much broader set of CommonMark syntax elements
  • Expand the capabilities of the tsdoc.json config file
  • Write up a formal grammar specification