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Standardization: Core
Syntax kind: Modifier


Used to indicate a doc comment that describes an entire NPM package (as opposed to an individual API item belonging to that package). The @packageDocumentation comment is found in the *.d.ts file that acts as the entry point for the package, and it should be the first /** comment encountered in that file. A comment containing a @packageDocumentation tag should never be used to describe an individual API item.


// Copyright (c) Example Company. All rights reserved. Licensed under the MIT license.

 * A library for building widgets.
 * @remarks
 * The `widget-lib` defines the {@link IWidget} interface and {@link Widget} class,
 * which are used to build widgets.
 * @packageDocumentation

 * Interface implemented by all widgets.
 * @public
export interface IWidget {
   * Draws the widget on the screen.
  render(): void;

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