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Standardization: Core
Syntax kind: Block tag


Starts a section of additional documentation content that is not intended for a public audience. A tool must omit this entire section from the API reference web site, generated *.d.ts file, and any other outputs incorporating the content.


 * The summary section should be brief. On a documentation web site,
 * it will be shown on a page that lists summaries for many different
 * API items.  On a detail page for a single item, the summary will be
 * shown followed by the remarks section (if any).
 * @remarks
 * The main documentation for an API item is separated into a brief
 * "summary" section optionally followed by an `@remarks` block containing
 * additional details.
 * @privateRemarks
 * The `@privateRemarks` tag starts a block of additional commentary that is not meant
 * for an external audience.  A documentation tool must omit this content from an
 * API reference web site.  It should also be omitted when generating a normalized
 * *.d.ts file.

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